Fitness that fits.

Louie Antuna is a certified National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) Master Trainer who specializes in the art of corrective exercise, behavioral change, and fitness nutrition.

Over the past nine years, Louie has developed a fitness philosophy that rests on his vast hands-on experience with a wide range of individuals; his consummate education; and his enthusiastic belief in a practical fitness program: fitness that fits an individual’s lifestyle.

Louie’s passion for fitness began much earlier in life. Louie is the son of a former professional boxer, Naval fitness commander, and certified personal trainer. His father’s passion was clearly passed down, as Louie himself campaigned as a professional fighter under the world-class trainer Colin Morgan.

Louie’s fitness perspective is a unique one. He knows that fitness is functional. It’s not just how your body looks, it’s what it can do. Get your body to do what you want it to – to reach your goals - and the look you want will follow.

Louie’s knowledge and experience has led him to create a unique interpersonal experience that focuses on intense functional training while encougaging self-ownership of one’s life.

"Strong is the new skinny! Our society puts so much emphasis on being thin and while I have always been petite, there have been many times I wanted to lose a few pounds to be skinnier. After going through the training experience with Louie and seeing how proper nutrition, sticking to healthy routines and combining cardio and strength training transformed my body, I will never say I want to be "skinnier" again! Now, I am more concerned about maintaining low body fat, muscle tone and a healthy heart rate during cardio workouts. I have also learned that consistency, balance and moderation are the keys to long term success."
~ Rachel Frishman


Over the past five years, the LA method has changed the lives of hundreds of Louie’s clients. Pre- and post-natal moms, brides getting ready for their big day, weight-loss clients, celebrities, and owners of Fortune 500 companies - all have benefited from Louie’s expertise, professionalism, passion, work ethic, and adaptability.

Already covering all of Manhattan, from the Upper West Side to the West Village and from Midtown to Soho, one of New York City’s top trainers is now available in the Hamptons as well.