Liz Zuckerberg

I started working out with Louie after receiving rave reviews from a friend who had been training with him for months. What I loved was that his workouts were intense yet very focused on not doing “too much too fast.”

We decided I needed a good six months before my May 2012 wedding to reach my goal weight and body shape. I became stronger and fitter than I have ever been in my life. Louie changes up my workout everyday I train with him which keeps it fun and interesting.

On the big day, I looked toned, trim, and tight! I hit my goal weight! I couldn’t have done it without Louie pushing me and encouraging me all along the way. Louie also acted as a nutritionist to me and has taught me a lot about the human body, how food is metabolized and how certain foods can work for and against your body.

I recommend Louie as a trainer with 100% confidence to any man or woman who wants to get healthy, feel great, and look fabulous. If you go with Louie, you can’t go wrong!

Stephanie LaCapra

From Skinny Wannabe Fit Goddess to Miss Harlem 2012, Louie Antuna was truly God-sent on my journey to becoming a beauty-fit contender for Miss New York 2012. Before my journey into the world of fitness I hadn’t stepped foot into a gym in years. The reality is that I hate to work out.

The second someone referred me to Louie I had a life-altering experience for the better. His master plan of fitness truly works for the on-the-go New Yorker. He not only listened to my needs/goals but created a plan that fit with my hectic schedule.

I built up my stamina for running. I became a lean-mean fighting machine with his weekly text messages and the occasional phone call, ensuring I was in the gym doing my homework. He gave me a nutrition plan that gave me loads of energy.

When you have a fun-loving trainer who truly cares about your journey it makes life a lot easier, and most importantly gave me the ammunition I needed to continue down a path of true fitness: mind, body and spirit. Thank you Louie!

Dave Zuckerberg

I trained 2x a week, changed my diet per Louie’s suggestions, and lost 30 pounds in less than 5 months. Louie took the time to meet me at my office and walk around the area to show me what I could do to alter my lunch routine, using the restaurants and places around me. He showed me what to eat and educated me that certain foods I was eating weren’t necessarily bad, but it was HOW much of them I was eating that was hurting me.

I told Louie that hitting 220 was impossible. I had tried everything, always ate healthy and worked out 3-4x a week and I just figured I was not built to be thinner, I was meant to be a bigger guy…

In 5 months, I not only transformed my body into a weight and physical condition I have never been in my life before, but I hit my target weight of 220. Between boxing, weight training, creating an exercise routine, and eating a proper diet, everyone at my wedding couldn’t believe how great I looked. Louie’s dedication and expertise was a huge factor in my weight loss and I owe it all to him.

Lauren “G.I. Jane”

I have worked with Louie for years, and I have been as happy with my training results before my pregnancy as I now am after. Louie has worked with me to define my muscle tone, strengthen my core, and improve my overall endurance and physical fitness level.

When I became pregnant, Louie customized a pre-natal workout that would enable me to maintain the definition we had worked so hard to achieve and also provide alternative routines to benefit my pregnancy body. Workouts with Louie while pregnant still felt fulfilling and rigorous!

Now in my post pregnancy body, I can see that all the hard work was worth it. As a result of our intense , challenging workouts, my body has bounced back to a better shape than ever. My arms kept their definition, my cardio is rocking, and I feel amazing. Louie is knowledgeable, flexible, and has really helped me to reach and exceed my personal fitness goals.